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Volunteering & Extracurricular Experiences

Chief of Staff

International Student Association, University of Texas at San Antonio


• Ensure the president/vice involvement in project or decision-making processes takes place at key times, where their input and authority are most needed.
• Prepare officers for upcoming meetings by ensuring they have all the information necessary to be productive and engaged.
• Coordinate agendas for president approval before officer meetings.
• Keep the team on track, by making sure everyone is fulfilling their role. If someone is off track, help get assistance for that officer.
• Report any problems or insufficiency to the president.
• Coordinate general meetings and find the best time fit for all the general and officer meetings.

Peer Mentor  

Peer Buddy/Mentor Program

International Student Association

University of Texas at San Antonio


• Provided one-on-one mentorship and guidance to new international students during their transitioning to UTSA

Peer Supporter

Buddy Program 

International Graduate Student Agency

Graduate Student Agency

University of Texas at Austin


• Provided support and guidance to international students during their transitioning to UT campus

Administrative Intern

Central Texas Geriatric Behavioral Health

Austin, TX 

(formerly known as Hays Mental Health Network PLLC)

Founder/CEO: Joseph Borsage, Ph.D.


• Maintained patient records, psychological testing results, nursing home information, health insurance paperwork, and employee accounts.

Co-founder/Vice President

International Culture Student Association 

University of Texas at Austin

• Co-founded and managed a student association that aims at providing an inclusive community for students from diverse backgrounds

Representative of the Vietnamese International Student Association

Southeast Asian Student Council 

University of Texas at Austin

• Participated in the council’s planning and decision-making processes
• Organized and managed social/cultural events

VOLUNTEERING: Volunteer Work

Skills and Trainings


Vietnamese and American English.

Record Management

Trained in maintaining patient records and testing results using ICANotes and Titanium softwares.

Statistical Analysis

Experience with advanced data analyses using SPSS and Mplus.
Experience with data management and visualization using R.
Experience with observational data collection, transcribing, and coding, using Datavyu software.

Couple Therapy

Trained in Gottman Method Couple Therapy (Level 1)


Fundamental teaching skills certified by the ITA/UTA Connect Program, University of Texas at Austin.

Keyboard and Mouse
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